Tom Grogan discusses distributed ledger technologies at World Legal Summit

On 1 August 2019, Tom Grogan, Co-Lead of the Blockchain Group, spoke to delegates in Kampala, Uganda on the possible application of distributed ledger technologies on user identity management platforms. The talk formed part of the World Legal Summit programme, which seeks to bring lawyers and stakeholders across the world together to share ideas, thought leadership and expertise.

Tom discussed the possibility of a multi-national identity platform and some of the barriers to adoption from a political, technical and legal perspective.  He argued that considered, well-drafted and permissive regulation can be a key enabler of growth and innovation. He also stressed that “DLT is a team sport” and that cooperation and collaboration between individuals, entities and public-sector entities is necessary in order to realise the real potential of emerging technologies. Tom discussed some of the work undertaken by the Blockchain Group and shared insights into the developments of the technology from a global perspective.

The firm is grateful to World Legal Summit and, in particular, our friends at The Legal Innovation Hub and KATS Advocate led by Partner Alice Namuli Blazevic, for organising the event so superbly. Further details of #WLS2019 can be found here.