Fraud Defence: LIA v Société Générale & Ors

The LIA v Société Générale & Ors proceedings, the trial of which was due to start on Tuesday 2 May following three years of litigation, have been settled between the LIA and SocGen on what would have been the second day of trial before oral hearings could take place. The action against Mishcon de Reya’s client, Walid Giahmi, which involved serious claims of intimidation and bribery, has been discontinued, with the LIA being liable for Mr Giahmi’s costs.

During the course of the proceedings, Mr Giahmi provided full disclosure of all of his financial records and telephone communications dating back to 2006. He was also forced to seek confidentiality protection for the identities of other individuals in Libya giving evidence in the proceedings because of the risks to their lives and the lives of their families. The Court agreed to impose these protective measures in the face of opposition from the LIA.

Mishcon de Reya’s Head of Fraud Defence Kathryn Garbett led the case, with Fraud Defence Partner Claire Broadbelt. Associates Sara Manchanda, Shona Coffer, Sarah Weindling and Fraser Mitchell; Managing Associates Alicia Wilson, Anna Crawford and Robin Pickworth; and Legal Director Hannah Blom-Cooper were all engaged on this matter.